Current HPC Usage and Forecast Survey

We're embarking on a mission to advance NMSU Research Computing capabilities, and your insights are vital for our success. This survey is your opportunity to influence our strategy for improving research computing infrastructure, including High Performance Computing (HPC)
Our key objectives and how your input will contribute:
Purpose: Improve our Research Computing infrastructure
What's Happening: The NMSU Research Computing Advisory Council is pursuing computing infrastructure grants and strategic initiatives that will help the state's post-secondary institutions.
We Need to Know: Your research computing and HPC needs, whether you're starting or already running an HPC program.
Survey Info: Takes less than 10 minutes.
Covers: HPC use, storage needs, research incentives, and educational programs.
Your Input: It shapes our strategy and helps us tailor our efforts to meet your needs. It is crucial for building stronger collaborations between our institutions. It is highly valued and appreciated by our team.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lizely Madrigal at lmadriga@nmsu.edu or by telephone at 575-646-3737.
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